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Top Reasons for Weak Chin

A strong and well-defined chin has always been identified as an attractive physical trait for both men and women. The shape and size of chin do vary in everyone but as long as the skin is smooth and the shape is well contoured, most people are satisfied by its appearance.

Unfortunately, in some individuals, the chin may appear to be weak. A weak chin may mean a chin that is sagging, has dimples on it, is associated with wrinkles or may appear plump or double chinned. A weak chin often makes one look older, tired or excessively grumpy. Some people seek treatment in order to improve their appearance.

Weak Chin NYCThere are several causes of a weak chin besides advancing age. In some cases, excess weight gain can be a reason. In other individuals, it may be due to poor skin care, prolonged exposure to sun and smoking. In rare cases, a weak chin may just run in the family because of bad genes. Even though a weak chin is not a life threatening condition, most people would love to get rid of that appearance and restore the normal contour of the chin.

 Before and After the Treatment

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Before seeking any type of treatment it is important to discontinue smoking as it may make the treatments ineffective. If one ventures to go outdoors, it is imperative that one uses a sunscreen to prevent the harmful effects of UV light from inducing wrinkles and sagging.

There are a few treatments for a weak chin, and the success of these treatments depends on how severe the condition is. If the weak chin is associated with sagging, double chin and excessive wrinkling, cosmetic surgery may be the best option. If there is mild wrinkling and sagging, then one may try Laser resurfacing, Botox or Dermal fillers.

Dermal fillers can help produce a good contour of the chin and remove any skin imperfections. For the individual who is unsure about a chin implant, a dermal implant can be performed as a test procedure. If you like the results, then you can always opt for a permanent surgical procedure.

Information about chin implantation surgery

Today cosmetic doctors in NYC can also inject fat into the chin that produces durable and pleasing results. The fat is often obtained from another area of the body like the hips or thigh and then injected into the chin area. The results of fat injection tend to be durable and satisfying. However, a weak chin is sometimes also associated with some type of bone defect or a gap in the chin bone; this can only be fixed by a chin implant. Surgery for a weak chin requires skill and awareness of the symmetry of the face. Chin implantation surgery is not without risks. Some complications may include scar formation, bleeding, infection or nerve damage. Sometimes the implant may be rejected, and there may be associated dysfunction of the lower lip. Chin implantation surgery, when done well, can produce a very pleasant facial expression, a well-defined jawline and a slightly longer neckline.

If you feel you have a weak chin then the first thing to do is see a healthcare professional. Sometimes, people only have an illusion that the chin is weak. In such cases, no treatment is required. For those who have been diagnosed with a weak chin, the best way to know what treatment will work is to speak to a Cosmetologist at Rejuve NYC

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