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What is a Square Jawline?

The shape of the jaw plays a significant role in the overall appearance of an individual. This shape varies distinctly between men ad women. Experts in cosmetics indicate that a square lower jaw is a masculine trait. A square jaw results when there is widening of the lower third of the face. When the lower jaw is significantly enlarged, it can distort the facial appearance. In females, enlargement of the lower jaw distortion can result in masculinization of the face and/or result in asymmetry of other facial features.

A square jaw most often results when the mandible bone or the masseter muscle enlarges. In some rare cases, the masseter muscle can become very large as a result of repetitive behaviors like constant gum chewing or teeth clenching. In some individuals, the deformity may be genetic. If you have a parent who has a square face, then the chances are that you may also develop a square jaw.

 Square or Full Jawline NYCA square jaw is usually not apparent at birth but starts to become more prominent in adolescence. Other causes of a square jaw include excess of growth hormone that can cause enlargement of the jaw. In some people with disorders of the pituitary gland, growth hormone secretion can be increased and this results in significant enlargement of the lower jaw.

 Square or Full Jawline NYC 2Best Treatment Options Available in New York City

A square jaw is only a cosmetic deformity, and the treatment depends on the cause. People who have a habit of chewing gum or clenching teeth should discontinue the habit and the masseter muscle will gradually shrink in size over a period of months. If the cause is due to excess growth hormone, then the treatment should be directed at the cause of increased growth hormone secretion rather than the lower jaw. When the growth hormone levels subside, the lower jaw will shrink in size.

There are also Non-surgical and surgical techniques available to fix a square jaw. The non-surgical techniques can only be used if the muscle enlargement is the cause of the square jaw. Botox can be used to paralyze the muscle and over time the muscle shrinks; gradually the size and shape of the jaw remodels. With Botox, there is little downtime and there are no incisions but the treatment has to be repeated. Improvements after Botox injections usually take 4-9 months.

Information about square chin surgery

When bone is the cause of a square chin, then a surgical technique is required. Surgery to reduce the chin size may be done by an incision either from inside or outside of the mouth. The surgery requires anesthesia and is performed as an outpatient procedure. There are small scars left and usually very hard to see. The enlarged bone is removed, and the jaw shape and size is reshaped. The results are aesthetically pleasant and permanent. The downside to surgery is that it is more expensive as compared to Botox injections and it has the potential to injure the nerve that provides sensation to the lower teeth and lip. Other minor complications of surgery include bleeding and infection. After surgery, there is a recovery period of 5-7 days when one should abide by a puree or liquid diet. Once the incision is healed and pain has subsided, a solid diet can be resumed.

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