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Non Surgical Treatment of Sagging Neck at Rejuve NYC (Upper East Side)

As we age, the supporting tissues in our body start to weaken. The collagen molecules that play a role in keeping the skin taut start to disappear and the elastin molecules start to become lax. The end result is sagging of skin.

Sagging of the skin usually tends to affect the abdomen, face, upper arms, thigh and neck. While advancing age is a common cause of sagging skin, other factors that contribute to saggy skin include smoking, obesity, sudden weight-loss, pregnancy and use of certain medications.

One part of the boSagging Neck NYCdy where saggy skin is frequently noticed is the neck. A saggy neck is often accompanied by wrinkles and deep creases. In the majority of cases, a saggy neck is seen after the fourth decade of life and it is a progressive condition. A saggy neck creates a poor aesthetic image and most people affected by this condition would like something done about it.

Before one seeks help for saggy neck, it is vital that the individual stops smoking and avoids prolonged exposure to the sun. These two factors often cause premature sagging of skin, which is hard to reverse. Any treatment undertaken while one smokes will usually not produce good results. For individuals in the midst of losing weight, the decision to treat sagging skin should be delayed. When people lose weight, there is always more sagging skin generated. So the treatment for sagging neck should only be undertaken after the weight loss has been achieved.

Sagging neck usually does not respond well to topical treatments like or chemical peels. The skin around the neck is pretty thick and not amenable to change with these treatments.Sagging Neck NYC 2 One may want to try Botox injections which can help minor degrees of a sagging neck. Laser treatment can also help tighten skin and reduce wrinkles. Some plastic surgeons recommend Dermal fillers that tend to work best for wrinkles and depressions and don’t reverse the sagging neck.

Liposuction is not a good treatment for a sagging neck unless it is caused by fat deposits. In addition, after the procedure there will still be residual sagging skin left over. Various lasers and radiofrequency ablation techniques have developed to treat sagging neck. Again, these techniques only help minor degrees of sagging and will not work for the severe cases.

The most effective treatment option for a sagging neck is a Neck lift procedure. The procedure is performed under anesthesia and is an outpatient procedure. There are several types of neck lift procedures, and they all involve tightening of skin, removing any excess fat and reducing wrinkles or lines on the neck. A neck lift surgery is durable and produces excellent cosmesis. Many New Yorkers combine a neck lift with other cosmetic procedure like a mid-face lift, rhinoplasty or chin implant.

The only way to know what is the ideal treatment for your neck sagging, it is vital to speak to a cosmetic healthcare professional who has the experience and the skill. Dr. Gafanovich will help you determine which treatment option is best for you and our highly qualified staff will ensure you get the best possible treatment.

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