Horizontal and Vertical Neck Creases

Treatment of Neck Creases in New York

What Are Horizontal and Vertcal Neck Creases?

Horizontal and vertical neck creases are not uncommon in women and men. These neck creases often occur much earlier than facial creases but are hidden by the collar of shirts or scarves. The majority of creases in the upper neck are vertical whereas those that occur in the lower neck run in a horizontal plane.

Even though the horizontal and vertical neck creases frequently occur on both sides, they are often worse on one side than the other. The more severe creases tend to be on the side you sleep or maintain your neck in one posture for prolonged periods.

Advancing age is a common cause of neck creases. As we age, the underlying tissues like collagen and fat tend to disappear and support of the skin is weak. In addition, the effects of gravity tend to pull the skin downwards. The end result is development of sagging skin with creases. Other factors that may contribute to development of these creases include smoking and prolonged exposure to the sun. The size of the horizontal and vertical creases is variable. Some individuals have obvious creases and in others they may just be barely visible. In all cases, the horizontal and vertical creases are of only cosmetic concern. Most people with these creases appear old, tired and unkempt.

Treatment Options

If you have neck creases and are bothered by them, then the first thing to do is See cosmetic doctor at Rejuve NYC. There are several ways to treat neck creases and the choice of treatment depends on the severity of creases, presence of any other skin imperfections on the neck or face area, affordability and provider experience. The first thing one should do is to discontinue smoking and avoid prolonged exposure to sun. One must wear a sunscreen with a high SPF all the time.

Horizontal Forehead Lines NYCThere are no lotions or creams that can erase horizontal or vertical neck creases. For very fine lines on the neck one may try using a topical retinoid, but its success on the neck is not consistent. Retinoids tend to work for thin lines and acutely formed creases but do not affect creases that have existed for a long time.

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Other measures to treat neck creases include drinking ample water and keeping the skin hydrated; there are some moisturizing creams that can also hydrate the skin- these products need to be used on a regular basis. They do not completely erase creases but make other treatments more effective. Botox can also erase the wrinkles.

Neck creases usually do not respond well to chemical peels and dermabrasion. The one treatment that does work and is often recommended is Laser Resurfacing. Laser resurfacing does work for fine lines and can smoothen skin and erase the wrinkles. The most important factor that determines success with a laser is the therapist and hence you must select your provider well.

A final option for horizontal and vertical neck creases is surgery or a Neck lift. Over the years, many types of neck lift procedures have been devised to tighten the underlying tissues, remove the wrinkles and elevate the skin. A neck lift usually requires anesthesia and may be combined with another cosmetic procedure such as a chin implant or rhinoplasty. The surgery is done by making tiny incisions, and the results are outstanding. Unlike other procedure, the results after a neck lift are durable. The downside to surgery is the cost and need to take time off.


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