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Eliminating the “Fat” Appearance of Your Neck at Rejuve NYC

What is a Fatty Neck?

A fat neck is a relatively common problem among both men and women in New York. Like the face, the neck is a conspicuous part of the body, and any abnormality becomes obvious immediately. People of all ages, cultures, and ethnicity can develop a fat neck. In most cases, the development of a fat neck is not an overnight thing. A fatty neck usually develops gradually over a period of months.

The individual may initially notice that the neck chain is suddenly feeling too tight or that the shirt collar does not fit perfectly. Some people may even complain of vague neck pain or discomfort along the neck muscles. The neck usually appears fatty due to deposition of fat in the tissues. Rarely, some body builders may also develop a fatty neck but this is generally due to protein and muscle build-up.

A fatty neck in many cases is not proportional. Most people may have one side of the neck which is bigger than the other side.

Fatty Neck NYC

Causes of Fat Neck

There are several causes of a fatty neck. Individuals who have been prescribed corticosteroids for prolonged times can develop a fat neck. The fortunate thing is that when the corticosteroid is discontinued, the fatty neck will slowly subside. Another very common cause of a fatty neck is increased weight gain. Obesity is now an epidemic; it is not only associated with weight gain in the waist and hip area but can result in a significant amount of weight gain in the neck area. Again, if the individual loses weight, the fatty neck will also disappear slowly. However, in this case, there may be some residual excess skin left over which will appear crumpled and saggy.

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The diagnosis of a fatty neck is made based on the history and physical exam. In most cases, no blood work or imaging tests are required to make the diagnosis. However, if the fatty neck appears all of a sudden and is associated with symptoms like pain, your NYC healthcare provider may perform certain tests. If the mass causing a fatty neck is simply due to fat deposits, there are several options available.

Treatment Options

It is important to cut down on the calories especially if one is overweight. This means changing lifestyle, eating less and walking more. In general, weight loss medications do not selectively help people lose weight on the neck; more important these medications are expensive, have serious side effects and may not work. If changes in lifestyle fail to reduce the fatty neck, then one may want to try out the newer laser procedures or cosmetic treatment. Cosmetic doctors use fine needles to suck out the fat using very small incisions. This is an outpatient procedure that does not take more than 60 minutes. A compression bandage is usually placed around the neck for several weeks and the results are satisfying.

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