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Excessive Cleft Chin Treatment and Removal in NYC

Everything You Need to Know About Cleft Chin (Peach Pit Chin)

A cleft in the chin essentially means there is a small dimple in the chin. It is also referred to as a peach pit chin or a dimple chin. A chin dimple is very common in the population. The exact number of people who have a dimple in the chin is not known because many people with this defect never complain about it.

The dimple on the chin may be of variable size. In some people, it may be just a few millimeters in diameter and in others it may be the size of a dime. The dimple in the chin is usually located in the center of the chin bone and most likely results as a failure of the two bones to completely fuse together during the fetal growth and developmental stage. In rare cases, the chin dimple may develop slowly over time during childhood when one side of the chin grows faster than the other side, leading to facial asymmetry as well as a chin dimple.

In many cases, a cleft chin is an inherited trait. If one of your parents has a dimple then chances are that you may also develop it. Because the genetic trait is not complete, some members of the family may be spared from the chin dimple. A cleft in the chin is most common in individuals who are from northern Europe.

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While in western culture a chin dimple is deemed to be of poor aesthetic value, in other cultures (e.g. Persians) a dimple on the chin is considered to be a mark of beauty. Nevertheless, it is entirely an individual’s perception whether he or she likes the dimple or not. For those who don’t there are skin treatment options that are safe and effective. While a small chin dimple may not be of any significance, large clefts may appear unsightly and impart a poor facial image. Thus, some individuals may seek assistance from a New York cosmetic doctor.

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Treatment Options at Rejuve NYC (Manhattan)

There are several ways to treat a cleft chin. The first one is the use of Dermal fillers like collagen, Sculptra and fat. The fat is usually obtained from the thigh or hip area and injected in to the chin area. Sculptra is a more advanced dermal filler and lasts very long. These dermal fillers do work well and produce immediate results. When done well they restore the chin symmetry and chin features.

The second choice is surgery that involves placement of a chin implant. Over the years many types of chin implants have been developed and for the most part, all produce a satisfactory result. The surgery for a chin implant requires anesthesia. The post recovery is rapid and once the swelling has subsided one can observe the pleasant aesthetics of a well-defined chin. Complications from a chin implant are rare but can include infection, dislodgement of the chin implant, bleeding, injury to the nerve and malfunction of the lower lip. Chin implantation surgery is also more expensive compared to dermal implants.

The diagnosis of a chin dimple is made by simple observation. If you have a chin dimple and are bothered by it, Contact Rejuve NYC today to understand your options and discuss your needs. Dr. Marina Gafanovich is here to assist you and is highly qualified to determine which skin treatment option would work best for you. Our well-trained staff will ensure you have a pleasant and comfortable experience at our clinic and will also make sure you get the best possible care and treatment. There are several skin treatment options for several different conditions. All you have to do is find out more information and we’ll take it from there.

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