Non Surgical Enhancement of Chin Area (Jowls) in New York

What Are the Symptoms Treated at Rejuve NYC

One of the most distressing features of the face that is a common complaint is the appearance of chin jowls or sagging skin along the jaw line and chin. The excess skin often results in the appearance of a “turkey” like neck or a double chin. Besides advancing age, other causes of chin jowls include prolonged sun exposure, smoking and gravity.

In people who smoke, chin jowls appear much early in life and are a sign of premature aging. In rare cases, chin jowls may be a product of bad genes. If your parents had chin jowls at an early age and were not smokers, then chances are that you may also develop them at an early age.

Chin jowls make people look old, serious and sometimes scary. Chin jowls are very distressing to most people, both men and women. The majority of these individuals seek help to improve cosmesis. The first thing to understand is that no treatment will work well if one continues to smoke and exposes the skin to the sun. Hence, discontinuing smoking and avoiding prolonged exposure to sun is a major prerequisite prior to treatment-otherwise the treatment will be a complete waste of money.

Non-Invasive Treatment Options

Chin or Jowis

There are a few options for those individuals trying to erase chin jowls. Some spas and clinics do offer Dermabrasion and use of chemical peels. Botox injections are another option. Laser resurfacing is also an option and works well for early chin jowls with mild amount of skin sagging. When done well, it does produce good results. In general, Caucasians or people with light skin color tend to have better response to laser than dark skinned individuals.

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There are also some Dermal fillers developed which can produce good results in people with chin jowls. Today many cosmetologists use Sculptra, Juvederm and Restylane to fill in any skin depressions and eliminate wrinkles.

The ideal treatment for chin jowls is some type of a chin lift procedure. The excess skin is removed, any fat deposits are removed, and the tissues underneath are tightened. There are several types of chin lifts done today with very small skin incisions, but the end results are excellent with all the procedures. After the redness and facial swelling have subsided in 7-10 days, one can appreciate the effects of chin lift surgery. Chin lift though is recommended only for New Yorkers with severe sagging and a double chin appearance. It is also the treatment of last choice after other conservative treatments have been tried out.

To determine what the best treatment for you is, you need to consult with a qualified healthcare professional to discuss your options. Dr. Marina Gafanovich at RejuveNYC is available to discuss your options, listen to your needs and will try her best to fulfill your expectations. Our clinic is well-equipped, and our staff is highly qualified and well-versed in patient needs. Our patients come first. We will ensure you are comfortable, and safe and the entire procedure will be conducted after discussing everything with you.

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