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What Are the Common Problems Associated With the Neck and Chin Area?

Aging is a natural process and brings that allows many changes to our body and our face. When people get older, their skin elasticity wanes which often leads to facial sagging generally evident around the cheeks, jawline, eyelids, neck or eyebrows.

While natural, the effects of age demonstrate themselves differently in different people. Some show signs of aging early while others appear younger than their age. Many who are not happy with the changes seek treatments and options that could help them improve their look and appearance.

Necklines are a common result of aging. They can affect both men and women and can be either vertical or horizontal. The skin on our neck is relatively fragile and is easily scarred.

Neck or Chin NYCAnother common effect of age is a fatty neck. This again affects both men and women and can be a consequence of age for people of all cultures and ethnicity. Some people may even complain of vague neck pain or discomfort along the neck muscles.

Sagging of the skin usually occurs around the abdomen area, face, upper arms, thigh, and neck. Age is the primary reason but some people may suffer from sagging skin due to other factors such as smoking, obesity, sudden weight-loss, pregnancy, and use of certain medications. A saggy neck is a common occurrence and is usually accompanied by wrinkles deep creases.

Neck Chin NYC 2Some people also face the problem of chin jowls or sagging skin along the jaw line and chin. The excess skin can give the appearance of a “turkey” like neck or a double chin. Smokers tend to develop chin jowls earlier than others while some have it merely because it’s in their genes.

The chin can have a significant impact on the way we look. The shape and size of chin may vary in everyone but as long as the skin is smooth and the shape is well contoured, most people are satisfied by its appearance. Some people have a weak chin – a chin that is sagging, has dimples on it, is associated with wrinkles or is plump or double chinned.

While in some cultures a cleft in the chin is considered to be an attractive feature, there are some who have a stronger demonstration of it giving their face a lack of symmetry. Similarly, some have a “square jaw that gives the face an elongated look.

Whatever the case may be, the process of aging affects each of us differently, by our lifestyle and our habits and by our genes. It could be a sagging neck, a fatty neck, a cleft, square jaw, chin jowls, a double chin or any related problem. People do have treatment options that can help them reduce the severity of these conditions and help them achieve a more vibrant and youthful appearance. Many of these problems can be resolved through changes in our diet and lifestyle but there are others that do require professional help.

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