Nasolabial Fold Creases

Treating Laugh Lines (Nasolabial Fold Creases) in New York

What Are the Nasolabial Fold Creases?

The laugh lines located on either side of the nose are also known as nasolabial folds. These laugh lines start just beneath the eye and run down on each side of the nose and stop just above the corner of the mouth. The nasolabial folds are often used a landmark to separate the upper lip from the cheeks. When people laugh the laugh lines become more prominent.

The laugh lines can be seen in almost everyone, even at a young age. For people who laugh continuously or are in a profession where a continuous smile is important, the laugh lines may become very prominent.

Laugh lines are not an issue until they become more prominent even when not laughing. Besides laughing, these lines can also be caused by smoking and prolonged exposure to sun. To prevent laugh lines one needs to quit smoking, avoid exposure to sun and stop laughing. Since most of these preventive measures seem unrealistic to many, people use other methods to treat laugh lines.

What are available treatments for laugh lines?

Chemical peels are only used for the fine lines around the nose. These peels do not help erase the deep nasolabial folds. In fact use of high concentration of chemical peels are more likely to be associated with complications. Dermabrasion may make the skin appear polished but the wrinkles will not disappear.

Nasolabial Fold Creases (Laugh lines) NYC

Botox Treatments at Rejuve NYC

The one treatment that is usually recommended for laugh line is use of Botox. The Botox injections are usually done in a spa or a clinic and rarely take more than 15 minutes. There is no downtime and most New Yorkers can resume their daily living activities right away. One can see the benefits of Botox within a few days and they last about 3-4 months.

Nasolabial Fold Creases (Laugh lines) NYC 2

Dermal Filler Injections

For those who are seeking a longer-term solution, dermal fillers are a good option. There are many dermal fillers in the market and essentially they all work in the same way. These fillers may contain collagen or non-collagen substances that can erase the fold. Collagen dermal fillers are usually cheaper but one also needs to undergo allergy testing a month prior to ensure that there is no allergic reaction. The non-collagen dermal fillers can be injected right away and are slightly more expensive. Dermal filler injections in our Manhattan skin rejuvenation center are an outpatient procedure and the downtime is a few days at most. The results are very satisfying and reveal a smooth, wrinkle-free younger looking face.

Face Lifts

Another option to treat nasolabial folds is a type of cosmetic procedure known as a mid-face lift. There are various types of facelifts but they all have the same goal; to reduce drooping of the face, erase the wrinkles and tighten the skin. However, facelift surgery does require anesthesia and does have some downtime. Facelift surgery is also more expensive than all the other procedures. The only way to know what is the best procedure for you is to speak with a healthcare professional with training in cosmetic or plastic surgery.


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