Upper and Lower Lip Creases

Treating Lip Crease in New York, NY

Changing the Look of Your Lips

As we age, lines and wrinkles often start to develop on the face. For most people, the signs of aging do not appear till the fifth decade of life. For some unlucky people, signs of aging may appear at least 10-15 years earlier, just when they are in the prime of life. Wrinkles and fine lines usually develop around the forehead, eyebrows and cheeks but in some cases, creases may also develop on the upper and lower lips.

These fine wrinkles on Upper and lower lip creases NYCthe lips often become conspicuous when one laughs or speaks. Besides aging, other common causes of creases around the upper and lower lips are smoking, excess exposure to sun and bad genes.

The reason for creases to develop around the lips is because there is loss of elasticity in the deeper layers of skin. As the structural support loosens, the skin starts to sag and appears crumpled. In most cases, when creases develop around the lips, the condition is progressive and appears obvious. Creases on the face and lip area make one look older and fatigued.

Procedures at Rejuve to Treat Your Lips

The good thing about creases around the lips is that the condition can be treated. However, prior to undergoing treatment one must change lifestyle to prevent worsening of creases; this means avoiding excess sunshine and discontinuing smoking.

Upper and lower lip creases NYC 2Women who have lip creases now have several options; for very fine lines or wrinkles the first option is chemical peels. These peels work well for early stage lines but do not work well for deep creases. Similarly, http://www.rejuvenyc.com/procedures/aesthetician-services/microdermabrasion/ is another option for women with very fine early stages creases. For those with deeper and more obvious lips crease, Laser Resurfacing is a great option.

In some cases, one to two treatments are required.In essence, the laser removes the wrinkles, tightens the skin and promotes growth of new skin which is fresh looking, smooth and wrinkle-free. Today another option for treatment of lip creases is the use of dermal fillers like Juvederm and Restylane.

The filler can be injected just below the skin and the results are immediate. Unlike a laser, the results of dermal fillers for lip creases are not permanent. One may need repeat treatments in future. The only way to decide the best treatment for your lip creases is to see a Cosmetic specialist.

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