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How to Treat Gummy Smile in NYC?

A beautiful smile not only makes a lasting impression, but it also makes a person prettier. A nice smile can instantly impart beauty to any face, but often people think their smile is too grumpy. It may be because they have a problem with their teeth or gums. In these cases, a gummy smile can mkae most feel very self-conscious and undermines self-confidence. Often, people with a gummy smile are so bothered by it that they regularly place their hand over their mouth every time they smile.

One problem is that many people are not even aware that there are excellent solutions to the problem. By consulting a professional, they can find ways to alter the condition.

If you have a gummy smile and want to show a beautiful smile, see an oral surgeon and let them decide what is the best procedure.

What causes a gummy smile?

Some of the common causes of a gummy smile include the following:

  • The muscles that control movement of the upper lip may be hyperactive and cause the upper lip to elevate much higher than normal-which then reveals your gums when you smile.
  • You may have excessive growth of your gums that covers your teeth. The enlarged gums make your teeth appear shorter than normal. When you smile in such cases, people see more of your gums rather than your teeth.
  • In rare cases, there may be altered growth of your jawbone which results in a gummy smile. For example, in some people there may be excessive protrusion of the upper jaw such that when you smile, one usually sees more gums than teeth

Gummy smile NYC

In most cases of a gummy smile, the problem is multifactorial – the teeth may be too large or too small, the gums may be very prominent and/or the upper jaw may be too big.

The biggest problem is that many people with a gummy smile are not even aware that there are some excellent solutions to their problem. By consulting a New York skincare professional, they can find out ways to alter the condition.

What treatments are available at Rejuve NYC?

Once the cause of a gummy smile is determined, there are some excellent treatments.

In cases where the upper lip muscles are hyperactive and reveal too much of your gums, then there is a quick remedy. In such cases, use of Botox Injections to paralyze the muscle of the lips may be the answer. ThGummy smile NYC 2e Botox treatments are done as an outpatient in our Upper East Side location and rarely take more than 15 minutes. The problem with Botox is that the benefits are short lived, and repeat injections are required every 3-4 months.

Individuals who have enlarged or hypertrophied gums can now undergo a procedure called gingivectomy. Today, the excess gingiva can be trimmed under local anesthesia with a laser. The surgery is done as an outpatient procedure and is fairly simple. After the procedure, there is mild pain which can easily be controlled with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen. The results after removal of the excess gingiva are pleasing. After surgery, it is now possible to take care of your teeth and maintain good dental hygiene.

There are also cosmetic procedures available which can make align the teeth and reduce the size of the upper jaw. The jaw reshaping and resizing procedures usually require general anesthesia.  If you have a gummy smile and want to show the world your beautiful smile, go and see our NYC cosmetic doctor Marina Gafanovich and let her decide what is the best procedure for you.

If you feel you can improve the way you look with a procedure that can help you improve your gummy lip, contact RejuveNYC today. We have an excellent staff and a well-equipped clinic.It is our commitment to provide you the best possible care. Dr. Marina Gafanovich has years of experience and will be your best choice to determine the right treatment option for your condition.

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