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Treating Frown Lines on Forehead and Between Eyes

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Frown lines are common in both men and women. These frown lines generally start to appear after the 3rd decade of life. In some unlucky individual with a family history, the frown lines may be seen earlier. Frown lines may occur as a result of advancing age and may also be influenced by external factors like smoking, prolonged sun exposure, excess alcohol consumption, lack of adequate sleep, too many late nights and trauma.

Frown lines typFrown linesically appear between the eyebrows and over the bridge of the nose. These lines generally tend to form after repeated actions of frowning. The underlying support tissues lose their elasticity and the wrinkles become permanent. Stress always seems to worsen frown lines. Since women tend to worry about everything, they are most prone to developing frown lines. Finally, frown lines make people look at lot older than they actually are.

Today there is no method of curing frown lines but there are methods to slow or delay the progression of frown lines. For individuals who are bothered by frown lines, there are several treatments. The best treatment for frown line can only be determined by a NYC Skin healthcare provider after a thorough exam.

Using the Power of Botox and Fillers

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Botox injections are frequently performed for frown lines. The toxin paralyzes the muscle and within a few weeks after injection the frown lines disappear. Unfortunately botox injections only last 3-4 months and the treatment has to be repeated.

There are several Injectable fillers on the market that can be used to plump up the lines and wrinkles. These fillers make the skin look smooth, full and young. Fillers are an option for people who do not like Botox or for whom Botox has not worked. Fillers tend to last a lot longer than Botox.

There are several surgical procedures to tighten skin and reduce wrinkles. However, surgery is usually a last resort, usually after conservative treatments have been tried.

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