Eyebrow asymmetry

Eyebrow Asymmentry Correction at Rejuve NYC

Asymmetry of the eyebrow is not unusual. Most people have some degree of eyebrow asymmetry. In most cases, it is very mild but in others it may be very obvious. Eyebrow asymmetry is often due to bone asymmetry at birth, with one side of the face being larger than the other side.

Eyebrow asymmetry may also occur as a result of a droopy upper eyelid. In such cases, the brow on the affected side appears higher. Other rare causes of eyebrow asymmetry include facial paralysis (Bell palsy), surgery or trauma.

The majority of people who seek help do so for cosmetic reasons. Today there are both surgical and non-surgical options available for asymmetric eyebrows.

Our Non-Invasive Treatment Options

Non-surgical treatments for treatment of asymmetric eyebrow include use of Botox injections. However, this treatment is temporary and the results last 3-4 months.

Eye Brows Need Lift NYC

If the individual has sagging upper eyelid or ptosis, surgery can be performed to reduce the eyelid asymmetry. There are also cosmetic procedures that can be used to treat asymmetry eyebrows of which one of them is the Brow lift. There are many variations of the brow lift and the best procedure can only be determined by a cosmetic surgeon. Each procedure has its pros and cons. Beside cosmetic surgeons, some eye surgeons also perform surgery on eyebrows.

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People who want their eyebrow asymmetry issues addressed can also consult an oculoplastic surgeon since surgeons with this specialty are best able to, one, grasp the root cause of the condition and to, two, figure out the best way to treat eyebrow asymmetry.

Even after finding the right type of plastic surgeon, people desiring cosmetic surgery should do some homework to find the right person for the job at hand. This will involve reading online reviews, looking at testimonials and even visiting cosmetic doctors to ask questions. Any professional, qualified plastic surgeon in New York will ultimately determine whether or not people are healthy enough to undergo plastic surgery procedures. The physician will help people to understand what sorts of results they can realistically expect to achieve.

People undergoing brow lifts should refrain from using anti-inflammatory medicine or aspirin for the 10-day period leading up to the surgery in case of bleeding. There is also a risk of infection, but the chances are very low. Like any procedure, there are always risks involved but these risks can be minimized by following all precautions and by ensuring you find the right person to perform the procedure.

After brow lift surgery, people must follow certain instructions in order to facilitate the healing process. For instance, following surgery people should keep their head elevated, while sleeping, by using multiple pillows. People also need to steer clear of any sort of straining for the first two days after surgery, and they should wait at least three weeks to take part in any strenuous activities. People who want to undergo brow lift surgery will be informed about what to expect post-surgery and about what to do during the consultation session. It is important that people follow all the instructions given by their surgeon fully since failing to do so can lead to complications.

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