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Lifting Your Eyebrows at Rejuve NYC

As people age, almost everyone develops unappealing lines and wrinkles above the eyebrows. These frown lines as they called generally reflect an appearance of angry, tired or a serious person. Further, these frown lines make a person appear slightly older than what they actually are. While some people may have a few frown lines, others may develop very obvious wrinkles that are aesthetically not pleasant.

For anyone who has frown lines and is disturbed by them, a visit to a New York cosmetic skincare clinic may be of help. One great and durable treatment for frown lines is an eyebrow lift, sometimes referred to as a forehead lift. A brow lift will tighten the soft tissues above the eyelid and reverses the effects of gravity.

non surgical eye brow lift in manhattanAn eyebrow lift helps decrease the unsightly wrinkles/lines that have developed over the eyebrows as well as those that are located between the eyes and on the bridge of the nose. Further, the procedure can also raise eyebrows that are sagging and causing a “hooded” appearance over the eye. The eyebrow lift is usually performed by a cosmetic surgeon and is an outpatient procedure. The end result is usually a more youthful and alert looking face that is aesthetically pleasant.

brow lift at Rejuve NYC

Non-Invasive Treatment Options in New York

The brow lift may also be combined with other facial procedure like the face-lift or skin resurfacing with the laser. Because there are various types of brow lift procedures which involve making small incisions in different parts of the forehead, it is important to speak to a NYC cosmetic doctor and find out what is the best procedure for you.  Every year, many people successfully undergo the brow lift with satisfying results. For those not keen on surgery, there is Botox Injections which can temporarily erase the frown lines with good results. The choice of which procedure to undergo is strictly personal.

Cosmetic minimally invasive procedures are usually considered to be a better option as compared to surgery as surgery involves several complications. Patients need to refrain from smoking a month prior to the surgery date; stop using certain vitamins, medications and herbs two weeks prior to the procedure; buy all supplies that will be required during the recovery period prior to the date of the surgery; keep from consuming food or drink after 12 am on the day of the procedure; refrain from wearing make-up, jewelry or contact lenses on the day of the procedure; and arrange to have someone drive them home after the surgical procedure.

Risks and Side-Effects

While there are many benefits of brow lift surgery, there are some risks that, while ranking low on the scale of probability, are nonetheless possible. Patients need to discuss their medical history, such as mentioning existing conditions, with their surgeon before going forward with the procedure. The surgeon can, after considering all the information, give patients the best options to meet their needs. It is of course important to get a board-certified physician like Dr. Gafanovich to perform the procedure since either failing to do so or being neglectful of the surgeon’s instructions could lead to negative consequences such as infection, negative reaction to anesthesia, scarring, loss of hair at site of incision, or difficulty moving brows or forehead muscles.

After the procedure has been performed, patients will have to follow the surgeon’s instructions precisely in order to facilitate an effective recovery process. Instructions will include wearing bandages for a few days post-operation, avoiding showering or hair washing until bandages are removed, ensuring that the head is elevated using pillows for a few days post-operation and, among other things, using ice packs as required to keep swelling in check.

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