Eye Bags and Dark Circles

Treating and Getting Rid of Baggy Eyes and Dark Circles

How can New York skin rejuvenation clinic help?

A common complaint by both adult men and women is the appearance of baggy eyes. The skin under the eyes often appears puffy and dark. While in most cases this occurs with advancing age, it may also occur in young people. The reason for this is that there is loss of muscle tissue under the eyelids.

The surrounding fat that normally supports the lower eyelids is then displaced as it replaces the muscle tissue, causing the puffy eyes. In addition, any residual space is also filled with fluid that causes the eyelids to appear swollen. Other reasons why people can develop baggy eyes include

  • fluid retention, especially during hot weather
  • lack of adequate sleep
  • allergies
  • eating a diet high in salt and
  • bad genes.

In general baggy or puffy eyes is not a sign of any serious medical or surgical problem. In most cases the problem is how they affect the appearance of an individual. One can prevent baggy eyes by getting adequate sleep, avoiding high salt diet, exercising and getting the allergies treated. Home remedies that can help reduce baggy eyes include frequently applying cool compresses over the eye, several times a day.

Treating Eye Bags and Dark Circles in NYCHome Remedies

There are other home remedies that people can try. For instance, cold tea bags, after being steeped in cold water, can be placed on the eyes for about a quarter-hour. Combining orange juice and glycerine, and then applying the mixture to the affected region three times per week can also help to lessen the prominence of dark circles beneath the eyes.

Mixing tomatoes, turmeric powder, lemon juice and one gram of flower will create a paste that, when applied to the affected area for 10 to 15 minutes at a time, help to reduce the appearance of dark circles and puffiness. Using mint leaves to make a paste that can be applied and allowed to sit for up to 15 minutes before being washed off will also help.

If the puffiness persists, one may visit a NYC Skincare specialist, as there are cosmetic treatments available to hide or reduce the swelling.

Forget about eye bags

Other measures to help lessen the prominence of eye bags and dark circles include lessening the intake of alcohol and caffeine since these substances can make dark circles more prominent by causing dehydration. Skin lighteners in conjunction with regular use of sunscreen and avoidance of excessive sun exposure can also help to treat dark circles and bags. Moreover, Laser treatments, Injectable fillers and a lighter-shade concealer can also help to make dark circles and eye bags less noticeable.

A more permanent solution is eyelid surgery, otherwise known as Blepharoplasty. The New York plastic surgeon performing this procedure will cut just beneath the eyelashes or within the lower eyelid. Then the surgeon will extract or redistribute the excess fat, sagging skin and muscle. After this, the surgeon will reconnect the skin with little dissolving stitches. Blepharoplasty is a versatile procedure that can also be used to address vision-impeding excess skin on the upper eyelid, baggy upper eyelids, excess skin on the lower eyelids and droopy lower eyelids

While eye bags and dark circles are not generally indicative of underlying medical issues, there are certain situations where people with either or both should seek medical attention. For instance, eye bags that are severe and persistent; swelling that adversely impacts other body parts; or symptoms that are accompanied by discomfort, redness or itching should be reported to a doctor since such symptoms can be signs of thyroid disease, allergy or infection. New York Top Doctor Dr. Gafanovich will be able to make a proper diagnosis and, if necessary, prescribe a certain treatment plan in order to address the underlying problems.

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