Crow’s Feet / Side Eye Winkles

What’s the Best Non-Invasive Treatment for Crow’s Feet in New York City?

There are some individuals who develop wrinkles just along the side of each eye. These side wrinkles are often referred to as crow’s feet- because of their spiky appearance. Initially, one may only see crow’s feet during smiling or facial motion. With advancing age, the fine lines turn into wrinkles and do not disappear.

Like wrinkles elsewhere on the face, crow’s feet are not aesthetically pleasant to look at. Crow’s feet generally appear when the underlying fat pCrow's Feet and Side Eye Winklesockets disappear and the elastic tissues lose their effectiveness in keeping the skin taut. Crow’s feet generally start to appear after the 4th decade of life and are progressive.

For people who are bothered by Crow’s feet, there are several options. Some New York skincare specialists use a variety of creams (e.g. chemical peels) to restore the elasticity of skin. Sometimes they use retinoic acids but these are only effective for the small fines lines and will not do much for the deep wrinkles.

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Injectable Fillers: a Modern Solution

Other more durable and recommended treatments for crow’s feet include use of Botox Injections, silicone drop injections, collagen or dermal filler injections, and Laser Resurfacing. Laser resurfacing is an option for crow’s feet but it tends to work best for fine lines instead of wrinkles.

Another treatment option of crow’s feet is a small surgical procedure known as extended Blepharoplasty. This outpatient procedure involves tightening of skin around the eye. The excess skin is removed.

The type of procedure depends on experience of the cosmetic surgeon and degree of crow’s feet.  Most people initially try Botox injections. The full benefits of Botox take a few weeks and persist for several months. If you like the effects of Botox and would like something more permanent, you can opt for the dermal fillers, which last a long time.

Natural Remedies

While there are plenty of things people can do to address crow’s feet and side eye wrinkles, there are also actions they can take beforehand to potentially delay the appearance of, if not altogether prevent, crow’s feet and side eye wrinkles. For instance, preventing crow’s feet and side eye wrinkles can be as simple as choosing the right pillowcase.

Traditional pillowcases consist of fabric that clings to the skin around the eyes, which becomes a problem for people who like to sleep on their side. A better solution for those who want to prevent or delay the wrinkle problem is to use silk or satin pillowcases. As well, there are eye creams that can be applied just before bedtime. People who are interested in this strategy should look into which brands and manufacturers have the right product for them.

Using sunglasses when appropriate is also important since squinting, something that people do lots of when they do not have sunglasses on a bright and sunny day, is a primary cause of crow’s feet and side eye wrinkles.


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