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Eye Bags and Dark Circles

A frequent complaint by both men and women is baggy eyes. The skin beneath the eyes may appear puffy and dark. Normally occurring in older persons, it may also happen in young people. Regardless of age, the reason is a loss of muscle tissue below the eyelids and the surrounding fat, which usually supports the lower eyelids, is displaced as it replaces the muscle tissue, resulting in puffy eyes. Any residual space is filled with fluid which causes the eyelids to appear swollen. Other reasons for developing this condition are:

  • Fluid retention during hot weather
  • Lack of sufficient sleep
  • Allergies
  • Eating a high-salt diet, and
  • Bad genes

Baggy eyes can be prevented by avoiding these conditions as well as frequently apply cool compresses over the eyes, several times a day

Eyebrows Need Lift

As people get older, almost everyone gets unappealing lines and wrinkles above the eyebrows. These frown lines present an angry, tired or serious appearance. Often, the frown lines make a person appear older that what they are. Some will have few frown lines while others develop very obvious wrinkles. Anyone who has frown lines, and is bothered by them, should find a visit to a skincare clinician beneficial. Often, one treatment — an eyebrow lift — is needed. A brow lift tightens the soft tissues above the eyelid and reverses the effects of gravity.

Eye Area NYCAn eyebrow lift helps reduce the ugly wrinkles and lines that have developed over the eyebrows. Lines between the eyes and the bridge of the nose are discussed as well. The eyebrow lift is normally performed by a skilled skin care surgeon and is done as an outpatient treatment. The final result is a more youthful, alert face that is aesthetically pleasing. The brow lift ca n also be combined with other procedures like a face-lift or laser skin resurfacing. As there are a variety types of brow lift procedures which mean making small incisions in different areas of the forehead, it is vital to speak with a cosmetic physician before undergoing the procedure. Every year, people successfully undergo the brow lift, and the results are satisfying. For anyone not motivated to surgery, there is Botox that can, temporarily, erase the frown lines with good results.

For those who do not want to go through an eyebrow lift, there is also the option of Botox injections that are also quite effective in temporarily reducing the visibility and appearance of frown lines.

Crow’s Feet/Side Eye Wrinkles

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There are individuals who develop wrinkles along the edge of each eye. These “side wrinkles” are referred to as crow’s feet due to their “spiky” appearance. At first, one usually sees crow’s feet when smiling or other facial motion. With aging, the lines turn into wrinkles and don’t disappear.

Like other facial wrinkles, crow’s feet are not pleasant to look at. Normally appearing under the fat pockets as they disappear and elastic tissues lose their elasticity, crow’s feet tend to start appearing in the 40s and are progressive. For those bothered by Crow’s feet, there are several options including creams and retinoic acids. These are only effective for the small fine lines and do not work as well for deep wrinkles.

Other recommended treatments for crow’s feet are more durable and include Botox, silicone drop injections, collagen and laser resurfacing. Another treatment options is a surgical procedure known as extended blepharoplasty. This procedure, performed on an outpatient basis, involves tightening the skin around the eyes with the excess skin being removed.

This procedure depends on the skill of the cosmetic surgeon and how bad the crow’s feet have gotten. While many people try botox injections first, the full benefit of botox takes a few weeks and only lasts a few months. If you have had a positive experience with botox and want something longer lasting, dermal fillers, which last a long time, make a good option.

Frown Lines

Frown lines occur in both women and men and usually start to appear when someone is in their 30s, although they may appear sooner based on family history. Frown lines happen as a result of growing old and can be influenced by other factors such as smoking, excessive sun exposure, too much alcohol consumption, lack of adequate sleep and too many late nights. Usually appearing between the eyebrows, over the nose bridge, frown lines usually tend to form after repeated frowning. The support tissues lose their elasticity and the wrinkles become permanent. Stress exacerbates frown lines, and since women tend to worry about everything, they are more prone to getting frown lines.

Although there is no known cure for frown lines, there are procedures that can slow the formation of frown lines. While there are several treatments available, the best treatment for frown lines can only be ascertained by a trained skin care healthcare specialist following a thorough exam.

Botox injections are often given to ease frown lines. The injection contains a toxin that paralyzes the muscle and within a few weeks after treatment, the frown lines disappear. Botox injections only last 3-4 months and repeated treatment is required.

There are several injectable fillers available which are used to plump the lines and wrinkles, and the result is a smoother, fuller and more youthful-looking appearance. Fillers can be an option for people who have tried Botox and didn’t like it or found that Botox didn’t work for them. Fillers have the additional benefit of lasting longer than filters.

Several surgical procedures are available to tighten skin and reduce wrinkles. Surgery should be saved as a last resort only have conservative treatments have been tried and found lacking.

Eyebrow asymmetry

Eyebrow asymmetry is not an uncommon condition and could be mild in some cases while very severe in others. Asymmetry of the eyebrow may be by birth or could occur due to a droopy eyelid. Some people may suffer from such asymmetry due to facial paralysis, trauma or surgery.

People with a severe problem of eyebrow asymmetry can opt for both surgical and non-surgical solutions to fix the problem. Botox is the most effective treatment option for those looking for non-surgical solutions. The results are quick and the procedure is fairly easy. Results usually last around 3 to 4 months.

People who want more permanent solutions can opt for surgical treatment solutions but again, it is always best to consult a cosmetologist before deciding which treatment option would work best for you.

Sagging Or Creasing of Forehead/Brow Area

Sagging, or creases, around the forehead or eyebrows, isn’t uncommon as people get older. Often referred to as frown lines, people develop sagging or creasing because of gravity and the loss of elasticity in the underlying tissues which support the skin. Over time, the skin can no longer hold its position and begins to sag which gives a tired, sleepy and worried look. Often, it makes people look older than they actually are.

For persons with sagging or creasing, there are several options, which include botox and dermal fillers.

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