Sweaty Palms

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Known in the medical field as palmar hyperhidrosis, sweaty palms is a medical condition that adversely impacts up to 2% of the worldwide population. Sweaty palms are also the most prevalent kind of hyperhidrosis for people living with the excessive sweating medical condition.

While not a life-or-death issue, palmar hyperhidrosis can have a negative impact on people’s everyday lives in terms of social interaction and other situations. Fortunately, people coping with sweaty palms can take advantage of medical treatments that can help them either manage or permanently get rid of the condition.

Causes of Palmar Hyperhidrolis

Sweaty palms are caused by increased sympathetic chain activity. Part of the body’s autonomic nervous system in the chest cavity, the sympathetic chain is not related to the sensory or motoric functions associated with the voluntary nervous system.

Sweaty Palms NYCThere are various specific causes of sweaty palms. For instance, there are some people who get sweaty palms as a result of panic attacks or extreme discomfort in social settings. In addition, around half of the people with sweaty palms get it due to genetic reasons. The condition, in fact, usually starts in the childhood years and gets worse as people age. In rare cases, people can get the condition after suffering a physical injury stemming from electrocution or from something impacting the chest cavity.

Sweaty Palms: Your Treatment Options in New York

Sweaty Palms NYC 2One of the first things people with sweaty palms should do to combat the problem is use antiperspirant. While they are commonly used in the armpit region, antiperspirants are also safe to use on the palms. It’s best to start with regular antiperspirants and, if that doesn’t bring about some relief, try some of the clinical strength options that are available. When it comes to applying it, it’s best to put the antiperspirants on before retiring for bed at night — and the hands should be completely dry before application since doing otherwise could lead to irritation.

If antiperspirants don’t work, people could try iontophoresis, which according to the American Academy of Dermatology has a success rate of 83%. A medical apparatus is needed to perform iontophoresis. What the technology does is employ containers filled with water to conduct a relatively gentle electrical charge through the surface of the skin. Essentially, this process is designed to stop the sweating problem.

Non Surgical Options at Rejuve NYC

A non-invasive and effective treatment option is Botox. Botox injections for the palms can tangibly lessen sweating. The effects usually last six months.

Endoscopic surgery may be the last option but again, it should be noted that this is an invasive procedure, and there are potential side-effects such as compensatory sweating, which means that the surgery to deal with sweaty palms can trigger untreatable excessive perspiration on a substantial portion of the body. This is one reason why some professionals advise that people should try non-surgical treatments first and only consider surgery if other options don’t work.

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