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Rejuvenating Aging Facial Skin with Injections in New York

Aging is an inevitable process. While most of us start to see signs of aging in the later years of life, some individuals may see signs of age much earlier on. Even people with the best genes are not spared from aging.

The signs of aging often first reflect on our face. As we age, many changes take place on our face. The face shows signs of aging because of two different processes:

  • Genetic
  • Extrinsic forces.

Stages of Aging

There are some people who develop facial lines, and wrinkles at a young age and this is most likely related to their genes. Unfortunately, the genetic forces cannot be altered. The extrinsic forces that contribute to aging of the face include prolonged exposure to sun, smoking, effects of gravity and poor skin care. What must be understood is that each person responds differently to the genetic and extrinsic forces that cause facial aging.

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In most people, the aging process starts in the third decade of life. At this time, the production of collagen and elastin start to decrease, and the skin begins to lose its elasticity. The shedding of cells starts to slow and this results in the skin developing a dull appearance. Genetic factors can start to influence the skin around the 3rd decade of life. One may start to see fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes.

By the fourth decade of life, the skin is exposed to a range of environmental conditions, and this results in dry skin. Fine lines start to deepen near the mouth, eyes and forehead. As the skin becomes thin and less elastic, one may start to see bags under the eyes. In women, as menopause sets in, the skin becomes quite dry and folds over the face become obvious. Upon close examination, one may start to see tiny blood vessels popping up on the face, chiefly due to thinning of skin.

By the fifth decade of life, wrinkles start to become more obvious. One usually develops permAging face NYC 2anent folds and furrows around the forehead, mouth and cheeks. As the fat levels start to decrease, the skin starts to sag around the cheeks, eyebrows and chin. The eyelid skin becomes redundant and usually reveals a tired appearance. During this time, the skin is always dry and the sunspots become more prominent and noticeable. In thin individuals, the bony landmarks like the chin and cheekbones also start to show. The eyelashes and eyebrows lose their radiance and turn gray. Like other parts of the face, one starts to develop “crow’s feet” along the side of the eyes. The lips start to thin and appear flat, especially in the center. In some individuals, sagging jowls may result in the appearance of double chin.


By the sixth and seventh decade of life, there is usually continued loss of fat from the face, and the facial skin becomes more lax. Thinning of hair is noticeable, and the nasal tip loses it elasticity and starts to droop. The effects of gravity also stretch the ear lobes making them very large. There is usually drooping of the corners of the mouth due to loss of the deeper supporting tissues.

Facial aging is just a part of getting old and while we may not have control of our genes, there are some things we can do to alter the extrinsic forces and delay the onset of aging.

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