Can Sun Exposure Cure High Blood Pressure?


Will a little sunshine a day keep your blood pressure at bay?

That’s what a new study from the University of Edinburgh in Scotland found, Medical News Today reports. Researchers found that UV rays produce nitric oxide in our blood stream, which reduces blood pressure. They concluded that the health benefits of UV rays may actually outweigh the risk of skin cancer, especially for those in the United Kingdom, where instances of hypertension and heart disease are more frequent. “Deaths from cardiovascular disease and stroke are 60 to 100 times higher than from skin cancers in northern Europe,” the authors said in their study, which was presented at the recent Investigative Dermatology meeting in Edinburgh.

However, don’t ditch your sunscreen just yet. “This study promotes the benefits of UV exposure,” explained Gervaise Gerstner, MD, a dermatologist in New York City. “But UV exposure can be done safely using a SPF.”

Without sunscreen, you increase your risk for skin cancer, wrinkles, and other forms of sun damage. “Dermatologists know that we can’t keep our patients away from sunny vacations,” Dr. Gerstner said, “but we just want them protected from harmful exposure.”

Tell us: Are you tempted to skip sunscreen because of the findings?