Brazilian Bikini Waxing: How to Reduce the Health Risks

Minimize Pain

The Brazilian bikini wax can give a glamorous look to the most private areas of your body. The result is a bikini area that is smooth and attractive — skin, pure and simple. But the treatment is not without its risks. There’s one risk you definitely can’t escape: You’ll always experience pain during the treatment. Other risks include infection, inflammation, and ingrown hairs. Minimizing these risks is simple enough. It just requires some preparation and a little commitment to your own health.

Find the Right Technician

When you go “under the wax,” you are trusting the technician with your health as well as your beauty. So, one of the most important ways to minimize pain and health risks is to find a reputable, highly qualified technician. (So don’t try the treatment at home.) You can find the technician at a salon that specializes in Brazilian waxing. Try asking a friend who’s “in the know” for recommendations.

Prevent Infection

With every hair that gets plucked during waxing, the root is torn up. Some skin also gets torn up with every strip of cloth. Skin is your body’s primary defense against infection, so when its surface is compromised, harmful organisms can get in.

Make sure that the technician uses each wooden applicator only once — that means no “double dipping.” If she’s dipping your used applicator in the wax, that means she’s probably dipped it in another client’s as well, and is exposing you to the germs of others.

Use an antibiotic soap before and after your treatment for an extra measure of protection against infection.

Prevent Ingrown Hairs

Ingrown hairs are a common and unsightly risk of Brazilian bikini waxing. They can result when a hair, instead of growing outward, grows back into the skin and becomes embedded in the tissue. Preventing this from occuring is simple. For a few days before you get waxed, exfoliate the skin to be waxed with a washcloth. A day or two after your treatment, repeat. Exfoliation is the best weapon against ingrown hairs.

Prevent Inflammation

Another risk you face is that a Brazilian bikini wax can cause “afterburn.” You’re tearing your hairs out at their roots. There’s no way around it; you’re damaging your skin. The best soothing remedy?Use aloe — preferably fresh aloe — on your waxed skin, directly after the treatment. Hydrocortisone lotion used for a few days after the waxing is another great anti-inflammation weapon.

Minimize Pain

I’m sorry to say that the Brazilian bikini wax isn’t famous for being pain free. Expect it to hurt. But swallow a couple of extra-strength Advil or Tylenol a half hour before your hair treatment; during the waxing, your skin will still hurt, just not as badly. Be sure, also, that the wax is not too hot. Ask the technician to test it on her own inner wrist first. If she won’t provide you this courtesy, find another technician.

Skip the Treatment If …

Waxing is a powerful means to achieve that highly groomed look, but it’s not for everyone. There are a few situations in which you simply should not get waxed.

  • If you have a very low tolerance for pain, choose another hair removal option. Why torture yourself beyond your limits?
  • People with suppressed immune systems should also avoid the treatment. Waxing compromises the skin’s barrier against infection.
  • Skip (or postpone) getting waxed if you can’t find or afford a professional, highly sanitary salon that specializes in Brazilian bikini wax. Don’t put your health in danger by cutting corners for the sake of cost or convenience.