Botox and Pregnancy: Is It Safe?

Before and After Pregnancy

Women are recommended to make many changes to their lifestyle during pregnancy, ranging from choosing safer foods to not coloring their hair. If you are thinking about having a cosmetic procedure done while you’re pregnant, it’s important to always talk to your doctor beforehand. Here’s what you should know about Botox and pregnancy.

Lack of Research

There is currently not enough information which has been done to determine if there are any risks of associated with Botox during pregnancy. This is because doctors and patients have been unwilling to take part in studies that may cause harmful side effects to unborn babies. More research needs to be done before experts will know whether Botox is safe for pregnant women.

Current Recommendations on Botox During Pregnancy

Despite a lack of research, medical experts have their own personal beliefs on the matter. Since there is little known about the relationship between Botox and pregnancy, most medical experts recommend women to avoid the procedure while they are pregnant, according to ABC News. There is a possibility that the procedure may increase the risk of birth defects and pregnancy complications.

Is Botox Safe Immediately Before and After Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is not the only time you should avoid Botox to protect your baby. If you are trying to become pregnant, you are also recommended to avoid this cosmetic procedure, according to ABC News. The effects of having Botox during pre-conception have not yet been studied, so there may be a risk of fertility problems or other complications. It is also best to avoid having Botox done while you are breastfeeding because there is not enough research done to determine whether it is safe for the baby.

More Reasons to Avoid Botox While You’re Pregnant

Pregnant women generally get a beautiful skin glow. Your skin will generally look vibrant and beautiful during pregnancy. Many women will also notice changes in weight while they are pregnant, which can reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Most pregnant women find that it is unnecessary to have Botox done during pregnancy.

Until more is known about Botox and pregnancy, it is best to avoid having the treatment done while you are pregnant and while you are trying to conceive. Women should avoid treatments which may be risky during pregnancy unless the benefits outweigh the risks. Since there is not enough research to weigh the risks, the best thing you can do for you and your baby is to avoid Botox until you are no longer nursing.