Botox Alternative a Hit With Kate Middleton and British Royalty

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The search for a fresh, new, organic, and painless alternative to Botox is over. This new effective treatment is a bee venom cream, and it’s the go-to face lift solution for British royalty.

The secret to Kate Middleton’s rosy and flawless complexion on her wedding day turns out to have been the $88 Heaven Bee Venom Mask by creative beauty therapist Deborah Mitchell. The creator of this safe Botox alternative, who is famously tight-lipped about both her clientage list and the full list of ingredients that she uses in her products, spoke with the Daily Mail recently about how she treated both the Duchess of Cambridge and England’s new princess.

She first treated Camilla in 2010, shortly after the Duchess’s marriage to Prince Charles. Just a few days before Kate Middleton’s wedding, Camilla introduced her to Mitchell, and she got her first pre-wedding detox and facial treatment. So how does this new organic facelift work exactly? According to an article in the Daily Telegraph, the process begins with a “vice-like” shoulder massage, which is followed by a facial message. Once all the messages are over, Mitchell applies the bee venom product, a concoction that includes honey, rose, lavender, shea butter, and “a secret ingredient”, which is not the bee venom that some might assume. The whole treatment costs more than $250. The Botox alternative comes in various forms, all under the Heaven umbrella of products, which the Heaven website clams is effective in curing dry skin, psoriasis, aging, wrinkles, and various other skin blemishes.