Bethenny vs. Ramona: Real Housewives, NYC Have Rival Skin Care Lines

NYC Have Rival Skin Care Lines

Bethenny Frankel and Ramona Singer both have skin care lines. How do they compare? Former star of Bravo’s The Real Housewives of NYC Bethenny Frankel, now currently starring in her own reality series on the network, Bethenny Ever After, will be launching an “honest” skin care line this fall according to New York Magazine. Meanwhile, current cast member Ramona Singer is the face behind Tru Renewal, a line that seems to contain just the overpriced, claim-heavy products that Frankel’s line is seeking to combat. Both housewives are savvy businesswomen, but who would you trust to care for your skin?

Frankel has successfully launched a line of low-calorie cocktails, written best-selling books, and starred on widely watched television shows. She is a trained natural foods chef and a wife and mother. So how exactly does this qualify her as a skin care expert? It may not. Instead, Frankel’s strength is her brand. Women seem to inherently trust Frankel to guide them wisely down various paths of life, so it makes sense that women would gravitate towards Frankel’s beauty sense.

At less than $15 a pop to try America’s favorite reality star’s skin care products, it is likely that the shelves of Walmart, where Frankel plans to sell her line, will need frequent restocking. Aptly named Honesty by Bethenny, the 30 product line of body and skin care solutions was inspired by Frankel’s distaste for gimmicks and inflated claims. She has said that overpriced eye creams are “ridiculous.”

On the flip side, there is Ramona Singer, one of the women still stirring up drama Thursday nights on Bravo’s The Real Housewives of NYC. Having long trumpeted her business sense on the show, Singer launched a skin care line called Tru Renewal, which according to her own website, was created out of her frustration with what was already on the market. Singer’s background is in fashion and, presumably, New York City society. She is also an avid Pinot Grigio drinker, so much so that she created her own wine. Again, there does not seem to be an obvious reason Singer would be qualified to create a skin care line, but she did enlist a chemist and a doctor to help her produce products that are free of chemicals that could harm skin and still be effective, a combination she felt was missing in the marketplace.

Singer’s demographic may differ from Frankel’s for the simple reason that one would need to spend much more for a “Tru Renewal.” The four products in her collection will set you back $195. Moreover, Singer promises extraordinary results such as “healthier, glowing, more vibrant skin.” It is yet to be seen what kinds of results consumers can expect from Frankel’s line, if any. After all, she seems to be wary of over-promising fans who may sample her Honesty.