Best Skin and Body Care of 2006

Best Skin and Body Care

Best Moisturizer ~ Alba Papaya Mango Body Cream
For when you want to buy like a Hippy, but not smell like one. It’s truly shocking how difficult it is to find a decent organic skin care product that doesn’t reek of patchouli oil. I mean, just because we buy organic, doesn’t mean we’re smoking enough dope for that to smell good. But Alba’s Papaya Mango does something that not many creams on the market do—it actually smells like papaya and mango.

Best Salt Scrub ~ Sea Spa Skincare Peeling Scrub
With the highest salt concentration in the world, the Dead Sea was the historic site where Jesus was baptized. And like Jesus, the salts of the Dead Sea have become famed for their powers of healing and rejuvenation. Over the years, I’ve tried a number of Dead Sea salt products, and never have I been impressed—until now. After one wash with this smoothing, softening salt scrub, I bought one for my girlfriend, my mother, my sister, and myself. Why should women have the monopoly on soft skin?

Best Moist Towelette ~ Perx Organix
Is there anything short of a blowtorch that could get the New York subway grime off of your hands? Well, it was our own mass-transit system that inspired these towelettes. Individually wrapped and formulated with a blend of essential oils, I’m not sure if they can get the subway pole off of you, but they certainly are refreshing.

Best Hairspray ~ MOP C-System Firm Finish
Modern Organic Products provides a solid line of hair care products with none of the environmental worry. This hair spray combines and eco-friendly aerosol with certified organic orange, mango, and grapefruit extract. The best part is that it actually holds up better than the chemical-laden competition, while leaving your hair faintly smelling of fresh citrus. Available at the Hair Shop.

Best Non-Topical Hair Re-growth Treatment
Get rid of the oils, creams, and sprays once and for all! ElectroTrichoGenesis, a treatment that alters the dormant state of hair, has been approved in various countries based on clinical data, and is finally in NYC at Le Cachet Spa ( Sessions are received in a comfortable chair with a semi spherical hood. This hood contains electrodes that deliver specified pulsed electrostatic energy that have been shown to re-grow your thinning or balding hair.