Benefits and Uses of Flax Oil for Youthful Skin

Flaxseed Oil Benefits

Wouldn’t it be nice if the fountain of youth lived in a tasty bottle of salad dressing? Well, flax oil makes great dressing and has skin-toning properties, so there’s hope. Whether your eat it or apply it, flaxseed oil has both nutritional and topical benefits.

Flaxseed Oil Benefits

Look at the ingredients in your favorite facial moisturizers. Alpha linoleic acid, a top ingredient, is one of the omega-3 fatty acids found naturally occurring in the oil from the seed of the flax plant. The ALA in the oil increases natural oil production in your skin, keeping it soft, supple, and youthful. Incorporating more flaxseed oil in your diet and skin care arsenal reduces incidences of dry skin or blemishes caused by irritants festering in skin pores. To keep your skin clean and clear, try Vitaminlife Exfoliating Enzyme Scrub Organic Lavender Skin Care, $13.05,

Consuming Flaxseed Oil

If you already enjoy flavorful oils, such as olive oil, it’s easy to incorporate flaxseed oil into your diet. Use the oil as a salad dressing base or drizzle the oil over roasted squash to give the vegetable a nutty flavor. Heating the oil will reduce its healthy properties and is not advised. Flaxseed oil can also blend into chilled fruit smoothies. Since flax oil is perishable, store the oil and all oil-enhanced foods in the refrigerator. Try Now Foods Organic Flax Seed Oil, $13.71,

Natural Skin Care

Some women prefer to apply flaxseed oil directly to the skin. By rubbing a small amount of the oil directly onto the face, fine lines fade and dry skin clears up quickly. The oil also reduces moisture loss in the face, which causes wrinkles and sagging skin. If you’re headed to a windy, arid location, pure flax oil will provide a layer of protection between you and Mother Nature.