Clearogen Acne Treatment Medicine

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Clearogen – a more scientific approach to treating acne

Acne are a skin condition that almost each and every one of us have suffered from at one point in our lives. For most of us, those were the adolescent years that were somehow marked forever by the acne which were one of the biggest problems at the time. Each new acne was a cause for worry, anxiety and in some cases even depression. Although acne are not dangerous and leave no long-term effects, except for the scarring which can sometimes occur, they are still a problem that can pretty much ruin one’s life through low self-esteem which is a result of the ruined appearance due to the acne. In fact, these are the most important symptoms of acne, the psychological ones, which can make an adolescent into a ruin due to all the psychological symptoms. Therefore, it is always needed to have a weapon in the battle against acne and as the dermatology develops, so do the anti-acne products. The latest one is Clearogen, a product which is much more than just another product aimed at a quick buck.

The main difference between Clearogen and other anti acne products is in one of its mechanisms of function. We are here talking about the effects of Acne Lotion, which is one of the three parts of this anti acne program. This lotion goes to the very core of the problem. Namely, the occurrence of acne is caused by a number of factors, one of the most important which is the amount of oil produced by the skin. The production of oil is regulated by the levels of the hormone known as dihydrotestosterone, which is an alternation of testosterone. Clearogen Acne Lotion regulates the levels of dihydrotestosterone in the skin, thus reducing the amount of oil and in turn reducing and preventing reappearance of new acne. In addition to this, the lotion also opens the pores and kills the bacteria which are also responsible for the acne.

Other products in the Clearogen line of anti acne products include the Foaming cleanser, which contains Salicylic Acid and botanical extracts which are responsible for cleansing the skin, getting rid of the dirt, bacteria and oil which all contribute to appearance of acne.

The final product in the Clearogen line is clarifying Toner, containing other botanical extracts and once more Salicylic Acid. This product is aimed at decreasing the size of the pores, decreasing the redness as well as inflammation of the affected area.

It is quite clear from all of the above that Clearogen is one of the finest anti acne solutions on the market, as it not only treats the acne that are already present, but also prevents the appearance of new acne by regulating the levels of dihydrotestosterone.