A Natural Alternative to Botox: Facial Acupuncture

Facial Acupuncture NYC

Dana Chun is 62 and has fewer facial wrinkles than her son, yet she has never had Botox surgery; rather she is a testimonial to the efficiency of her work.

Chun is a Korean practitioner of facial acupuncture, a druggist and a physician practicing oriental medication. Every six months, Chun undergoes the procedure herself. A simple therapy utilizing thin needles placed strategically around the eyes, nose and mouth as well as the neckline, to restore the skin.

A loss of collagen creates wrinkles in the skin, and when collagen is unable to restore, the skin grows slack.

Acupuncture heals the skin’s fibers naturally by fooling the body into thinking the needle punctures are foreign substances attacking the face. White cells rush to the site and start restoring the thin fibers, and the skin’s elasticity improves. According to Chinese practitioners, facial acupuncture, helps enhance the energy that supports life as well.

The AOMA School of Medicine that practices facial acupuncture says the method removes folds as well as reducing tiny lines, ridges and acne marks.

Ruth Shi, 40, an analyst and a facial acupuncture devotee for four years says, “It relieved my laugh lines and dark circles.”

Sue Kim, a different of Chun’s patients, believes that this form of treatment is efficacious for her appearance and has improved her health overall”.

“Now I don’t have stress. My blood circulates better, and my strength is higher,” said Kim, a 61-year old former geology educator. She has been a client of Chun’s for almost four years and gets the procedure three times a year.

“My body has improved,” she said. “I was tired before and always wanted to rest. Now I run and even climb the stairs great. My posterior pain has left.”

Chinese practitioners believe there are energy pathways which route the body’s energy levels. Each route matches to an internal body part or collection of organs. If the energy is obstructed, it creates illnesses and the procedure can clear obstructed pathways.

Possibly the earliest methods of ancestral medicine, The procedure routinely acts as natural pain relief and has been demonstrated to treat a diversity of diseases.

First becoming popularly recognized in America in the 70s after James Reston, a NY Times journalist received the therapy in China. Excited by the relief that he found through acupuncture, Reston wrote about the medicinal method when he returned to the USA.

Pros and Cons

Chun believes acupuncture is preferable to Botox as acupuncture is also natural, and gives a more durable resolution as well.

“Your epidermis has the inherent ability to restore its natural state. As we are continually grinning and consuming, the face is not given an opportunity to recover,” Chun said. “If you don’t use your facial muscles for twelve-months, the skin would restore itself. That is the result of the ancient procedure..

“Botox can change the shape of the lips and eyes,” she said. “The result is an artificial look which doesn’t happen with acupuncture.”

The procedure is not particularly distasteful, but it looks very uncomfortable. Shi called the sensation a “soft pinch”.

“You feel a little hurt,” Shi said. “On a range of 1 to 10, I’d say the discomfort is somewhere around 2 or 3.”

The drawback of the procedure is the inability to see quick returns. Contrasted with anti-aging operations, the procedure takes a while to produce results as no compounds are used. The focus, instead, is on the skin’s normal restorative process.

Classical and Contemporary

At Chun’s clinic, each sitting lasts about 2.5 hours and includes classical and contemporary therapies as well as non-invasive cell therapeutics and a rub down.

For treatment, Chun relies on therapeutic technology that uses high-frequency energy pulses on the face to boost the body’s natural collagen production with the result being a lifting and firming of the skin. Following the treatment, patrons are given a complete body massage.

“Normally, the entire body becomes tight during the procedure,” Chun said. “Body massage aids with circulation and unwinds the individual.”

“I have individuals of all ethnic groups come for therapy,” Chun said. “Even men come.”