A Coffee after the Gym keeps Skin Cancer away

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A study has discovered a benedictory relationship between the caffeine and exercise for the skin cancer prone patients. The research reports that exercise and the caffeine may together prove helpful in preventing us from skin cancer.

As per an early study, it was found that the combination of exercise and caffeine drastically brought down the skin tumours by 62% in cancer-prone mice. Also, 85% tumours were reported to get shrank in treated animals.

The study leader, Dr Yao-Ping Lu (Rutgers Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy in New Jersey, US) said, “We found that this combination treatment can decrease sunlight-caused skin cancer formation in a mouse model.” During the research, the mice were given a dose of caffeine and then they exercised on a running wheel. It was found that both the caffeine and exercise separately produced some positive effects. However, the benefit was remarkable on the combination of the two – exercise and caffeine.

The mice treated with caffeine alone were reported to have 27% less tumours compared to untreated mice. Also, the cancers of the mice treated with caffeine were 61% smaller as against untreated mice. Similar positive result was reported in mice treated with exercise only. It was found that the activity of the tumour reduced by 35% and the tumour volume by 70% in mice treated with exercise alone.

On finding such results, Dr Yao-Ping Lu said, “I believe we may extrapolate these findings to humans and anticipate that we would benefit from these combination treatments as well.”

In addition to this, the study also discovered weight reduction by 63% in mice that were fed a high fat diet with the help of the combination of caffeine and exercise. So, a cup of coffee after the gym can be of great help to all body weight conscious people and those who wants to keep the skin cancer away from them.