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Organic Sensetive Skin Care

Perfect choice for sensitive skin – Pai Skincare

Rather than a single product, we have decided to introduce you to a whole line of products that come under the name Pai Skincare and that have been one of the best reviewed skin care products, especially when it comes to skin that is very sensitive. From the very moment you start reading about Pai Skincare, you somehow feel the security that you just do not get with other skin care products, especially if they are sold online. The amount of information that you can get about their product makes you feel secure. Instead of the usual “wonderful all natural products that are derived from the most natural sources” nonsense, you can see exactly what goes in every single one of their products. This transparency has made it possible for Pai Skincare to get certified by pretty much every association and foundation that is responsible for regulating at least to some extent the natural products that are aimed at cosmetics. The company which produces Pai Skincare has its own in-house researchers and developers so you can be safe that there isn’t a step in the process which is not meeting the standards.

As you will find out yourself, Pai Skincare products are all designed with sensitive skin in mind. Sensitive skin is that which is easily irritated and extremely reactive to different outside influences. There are many triggers and factors that can contribute to sensitive skin but there is not a single cause for it. In most cases, synthetic additives such as fragrances and preservatives lead to allergic reactions which result in different events which damage the skin, or at least produce redness and blemishes. Due to the 100% natural ingredients found in Pai Skincare products, this is avoided and special combinations ensure that even the most sensitive skin will not be affected adversely by any of the products from the Pai Skincare line. These are just some of the ingredients that can be found in their products: avocado oil, beeswax, calendula, chamomile, comfrey, geranium, jojoba oil, lavender essential oil, May Chang essential oil, plum kernel oil, rosehip oil , Shea butter and many, many others, all perfectly natural and perfectly safe, even for those with skin that reacts to mere looks.

There is a whole range of products in the Pai Skincare line and they can be either categorized depending on the category (moisturizers, body care, cleansers, eye care, lip care), by skin type (sensitive and hypersensitive skin, oily skin, dry skin and normal skin) or by skin conditions that can be treated or managed by a specific product (adult acne, contact dermatitis, eczema, ageing skin, urticaria, rosacea). It is quite easy to find the perfect product for yourself and the best thing is that all of the products from the Pai Skincare line work and meet the highest standards in the production of skincare products.